Mozilla - Connected Devices, A Successfull Workshop on Mozilla-Connected Devices Sylhet.

24th of August was a big day for us, the students of Sylhet Polytechnic and University level in Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Mozilla is a non-profit organization. It is an organization. Mozilla is a free-software community, created in 1998 by members of Netscape . The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with only minor exceptions. The community is supported institutionally by the Mozilla Foundation and its tax-paying subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla produces many products such as the Firefox web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client, Firefox Mobile web browser, Firefox OS mobile operating system, Bugzilla bug tracking system and other projects. which wants to ensure the privacy and safety of an internet user and specially for the user of a 3rd world country like ours. And for that, the organization has started creating awareness among the students of our level as we are the future of our country, our world. If we can understand the philosophy behind it, we sure can build a great and safe future
Internet should not harm an user's privacy and should not keep the personal data or information- these are the main philosophy. And Mozilla has been working to ensure the philosophy being understood by the internet users. M ozilla wants the internet to be open with it's user. Every source code should be open, let the user see what he is using and what is happening actually.
Let's Come back to main topic.
Leading University of CSE #ConnectedDeviceWorkshop was organized by the Department for the first time in Bangladesh, powered by Bangladesh Mozilla Foundation. At a present as the guest speaker Mahe Alam Khan
(Mak) bro, leader of the Mozilla community in Bangladesh. also attended the Mozilla Bangladesh Task force leader Belayet Hossain bro and much more.
As we know, science and technologies has enriched the possibilities of a bright future as well as dark one too. At this moment, the latest thought of future world is all about the "Internet of Things"(IoT). Internet is the main cause of today's world. If we combine all the developments in a row, we will see that, everything has became possible depending on the internet! They (Mozilla) would like to see real Internet problems in real practical solution.
A workshop was arranged on this 24th of August started from 9 a.m., It was held in the Leading University, Rangmahal Campus. This workshop is the first one in Bangladesh, on this topic by Mozilla Foundation. Mak Bro said why Mozilla is demanding the net neutrality. He explained why we, the Mozillian use the term 'Connected Devices' instead of "IoT" . Many participants came to know about the organization and its history from his lecture. We came to know about IFTTT from him. I used IFTTT from 5 may 2015, but i don't know What is IFTTT. MAK bro Said IFTTT = “IF THIS, THEN, THAT”, IFTTT is a free web -based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements , called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail , Facebook , Instagram, and Pinterest . IFTTT is an abbreviation of "If This Then That". An example "recipe" might consist of sending an e-mail message if the IFTTT user tweets using a certain hashtag. Or, if the user is tagged by someone on Facebook, then that photo will be added to the user's cloud-based photo archive.

 After the first topic he start 2nd step.
During the 2nd and final session of the workshop, Mr. Mahay Alam Khan made a light bulb switch, using arduino uno and mobile. It was like, my mobile is the switch to the light bulb. Switching the light on and off with using just mobile through arduino uno, we were amazed.
D uring the first session of the workshop, Mr. Mahay Alam Khan gave us few minutes to pick out a problem from our daily-life experience. and make an idea to solve the problem. We divided into 3 particular teams. First team(Our Team) came up with the problem of recent terrorist activity. They are also showed a really very helpful solution to this problem just by using some connecting devices! 2nd team came up with a problem of natural disaster: earthquake. team also came up with the problem of recent terrorist activity, but it was a broaden idea too! Mr Mahay Alam Khan was surely impressed !
We have a wide variety of consumer electronics and how easily it can be used in a variety of workshops practical he showed yesterday. Arduino board, raspberry pi boards, various sensors such as sonar sensors, smoke sensor, Rainfall sensor, temperature sensor etc. to show the work. Later in the show, we have another project.
Everyone Has inspired, including me, especially since #ConnectedDevice Workshop. Some of the things that really attracted me, particularly I’ll apply it very soon. Insa-allah. He also said that the Mozilla Foundation. He said, Mozilla is a non-profit organization. This is an organization, which wants to ensure privacy and security for everyone. Mozilla wants the internet to be open for everyone, Every source code should be open. Every One Thank tou so much.and welcome to our Mozilla Team.
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