Connected divice and Internet of things

                 Connected devices (IOT)support by Mozilla 


Mozilla connected devices in Sylhet was organized  by the dept of CSE in  Leading university,Sylhet Bangladesh.The program powered by Mozilla foundation.
There was a cheap guest Mayhi Alam khan sir .He is also leader the Mozilla communication in Bangladesh and also presents the task force leader Bellayet  Hossain sir and more.

 Object of the program:
*Internet of things
*Arduino and
*Raspberry pi boards.

 Mayhi Alam khan says the IOT (internet of things) connected every electronics device also said the present problem in Bangladesh . He said about IFTT formula and we are using this formula every project.

At a time we realized our thing . we use Arduino our every project and also we use things to make our country more and smarter.cause Arduino is one of the most important elements in electronics .

we have a group . and our group recharge the Arduino device .already one project running and we use this .i hope we will try to make something new to our country and all over the world.....

Thanks to Mozilla organization to arrange this seminar ,and thanks
to mak sir inspired us .and also thanks the leading university to arrange a beautiful seminar and invite us .

                                                                      #THANKS ALL

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