Computer Fundamentals MCQ Quiz
Question 1: Electronic spreadsheets are most useful in a situation where relatively .... data must be input but ...... calculations are requied.

  • a. little; simple
  • b. large; simple
  • c. large; complex
  • d. little; complex
Question 2: The two basic types of record access methods are

  • a. sequential and randon
  • b. direct and immediate
  • c. sequential and indexed
  • d. on-line and real-time
  • e. none of above
Question 3:Which file organization is allowed by a direct access storage device?

  • a. direct only
  • b. sequential and direct only
  • c. indexed and direct only
  • d. sequential, indexed and direct
  • e. none of above

Question 4:Sequential file organization is most appropriate for which of following applications?
  • a. Grocery store checkout
  • b. bank checking account
  • c. payroll
  • d. airline reservations
  • e. none of above

Question 5:Which of the following file organization is most effieient for a file with a high degree of file activity?
  • a. sequential
  • b. ISAM
  • c. VSAM
  • d. B-Tree
  • e. All of above

Question 6:One disadvantage of a direct access file is:
  • a. the delay in computiong the storage address
  • b. duplication of address locations
  • c. unsued, but available, storage locations
  • d. all of above

Question 7:All computers execute
  • a. BASIC programs
  • b. COBOL programs
  • c. Machine language program
  • d. FORTRAN programs
  • e. PL/1 programs

Question 8:Which of the following is most oriented to scientific programming?
  • a. FORTRAN
  • b. COBOL
  • c. BASIC
  • d. PL/1
  • e. RPG

Question 9:All of the following are disadvantage of RPG except:
  • a. it is a very machine dependent language
  • b. it is very limited in scope
  • c. is not suited for complex problems requiring extensive programming logic
  • d. it has larger storage requierments
  • e. all of the above are disadvantages

Question 10:Which of the following is not one of the process that a high level language program msut go through before it is ready to be executed?
  • a. translation
  • b. controlling
  • c. lading
  • d. linking
  • e. all of the above are necessary process

1. d     2. a     3. d     4. c     5. a     6. a     7. c   8. a     9. b.     10.a

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